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Near Mattituck, NY 11952
Bob D
Job Details: 01/14/2021
OVEN DCS RGU305L "Customers concerns are the unit is not heating in bake and broil, the red light on the thermostat is not working and the top right rear burner ignitor is not shutting off. I found a defective, hi limit thermostat, 2 burners an 2 orfices. . 1 245915 (Thermostat) and 2 210913 (Venturi)s and 2 240405 (Simmer jet)s and 2 247191 (Jet holder)s and 1 210824 (Thermostat safety)"
Near Mattituck, NY 11952
Kyle S
Job Details: 09/10/2020
DISHWASHER LG LDS4821ST Complaint unit not draining. Diagnosis unit has a bad drain pump.