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May 14, 2019
Dacor Repair

Dacor appliances are popular for their definitive design and superior efficiency. Built solely in America and distributed throughout the world, these appliances give any kitchen a touch of distinction. Dacor’s trademark Pure Convection ovens and trendy Renaissance appliances show how the company continues to evolve in both look and efficacy. Other choice qualities of Dacor’s brand include:

Discovery WineStations

Dacor WineStations allow oenophiles to store choice vintages in an easy to use automated dispensing system. Simply insert your favorite wines, choose how much you would like, and the WineStation will automatically fill your glass. Fluid comes directly from the bottle rather than passing through the machine so no loss of flavor occurs for up to a month. Your wine is also kept in perfect temperature at all times. These features have led WineStations to become the preferred solution for all the conventional problems of keeping wine lovers’ favorite beverages fresh.

Distinctively Dacor

The Distinctive product line emphasizes Dacor’s traditional coupling of simplicity and convenience by making the kitchen more accessible than ever. Clean, concise lines define these appliances, each decorated with LEDs and buttons that make glancing adjustments more intuitive than ever. Enlarged viewing windows ensure high visibility so you can easily keep an eye on the state of those especially delicate dishes, and innovative features make cooking and cleaning feel hardly a chore. Truly a delight for those who prefer a hassle-free kitchen.

Long-Lasting Value

Dacor has not only survived multiple recessions since its founding in the mid-20th century, it has also managed to continue growing steadily despite them. They’ve earned a reputation for durable quality products that never go out of style thanks to ageless design sensibilities. With so much to offer the modern cook, it’s easy to see why Dacor appliances are continually acknowledged for their excellence.

To learn more about Dacor, please visit Dacor.com. Fleet Appliance Corporation is proud to handle all your Dacor appliance repair needs so call us today if you need appliance service!


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