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May 14, 2019
Danby Repair

Danby specializes in small home appliances for everything from cooling to dishwashing. In operation since 1947, their catalogue is complete with a range of affordable, reliable appliances to substitute just about any full-sized option. When it comes to versatility at a low price, there are few better options than Danby.

Danby Air Conditioners

There’s a Danby AC unit to fit rooms small, medium, or large. These energy efficient ACs include programmable settings, remote control, and automatic power timers and are substantially lighter than standard air conditioners. Move them from room to room as needed and you’ll only cool the rooms in use for worthy energy savings. All Danby air conditioners use environmentally friendly refrigerants that do not deplete the ozone layer.

Danby Refrigerators & Freezers

A good refrigerator is key to healthy living and thanks to Danby fridges you don’t have to skimp on one that meets all your requirements. They make standard and compact fridges, wine coolers, and beverage coolers so you can fit one wherever you are. The Danby Beverage Center holds up to 124 cans of cold soda and the Danby Designer Wine Cooler holds up to 50 of your finest vintages, which makes them perfect for rec rooms, man caves, and lounges.

The Danby Blog

Buying their product isn’t the end of the service line for Danby. The Danby Blog offers a slew of helpful appliance tips and recommendations for all kinds of scenarios from the office break room to the college dorm. You might enjoy Danby’s Top 5 Compact Appliances for Condo Living or a fan’s review of a Danby Portable Dishwashing Machine. You can see more interesting Danby blog posts at Danby.com/blog.

More product information and the history of Danby can be found at Danby.com.


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