Common Electrolux Appliance Error Codes Explained

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July 5, 2022
Dishwasher Repair

Electrolux appliances have diagnostic systems that display an error code when a problem with the appliance arises. Often when an error code is displayed, the appliance stops working until the issue is resolved. However, you don’t need to call a technician right away as you may be able to fix the issue yourself.

Electrolux error codes vary depending on the model. We have done our best to include all the common error codes but you may need to refer to your owner’s manual for an error code that’s specific to your model.

How to clear an error code

Occasionally, an appliance shows an error code because of a control board glitch. Disconnecting the power to the appliance for a few minutes should clear the error code. However, if it’s not a glitch and the error code returns, you should fix the problem rather than disconnecting the power again to clear it. Avoiding an error code will likely pose a safety risk or cause further damage to the appliance.

Common Electrolux dishwasher error codes

E01 or I30: Water leak detected

The E01 error code is usually triggered by a sensor underneath the dishwasher tub (in the drain pan). The sensor sometimes malfunctions and needs to be replaced.

However, if the sensor is working correctly, a hose, pump, or the tub, most likely has a leak that’s causing excess water to build up in the drain pan. You need to find the leak and replace the component to clear the error code.

E03: Wash motor failure

The E03 error code can mean the wash motor has failed, the wiring to the motor is damaged, or an object is obstructing the motor. You need to access and check these components and possibly replace the motor to clear the error code.

I10: Water supply Issue

The dishwasher isn’t filling with water quickly enough. The most likely cause is a clogged or defective water inlet valve, which needs to be replaced to fix the issue.

F2, I20, I40, IFO: Drainage Issue

The above error codes mean that either the drain hose, a drain filter, or the drain pump is clogged. The drain pump may also be defective. Unclogging the component should clear the error code. If the pump has a broken impeller, replace it. If the pump fails a multimeter continuity test, replace the pump.

LOC: Door lock error

If you see the LOC error code, the dishwasher door won’t open. Pressing and holding the Air Dry button for three seconds should clear the code. Disengaging the child lock by following the instructions in the dishwasher’s manual may also release the lock and clear the code.

Common Electrolux washer error codes

E10, E20, E21, C2, or two beeps or flashes

These error codes mean the washer has a drainage issue. The drain hose, drain pump, or drain filter is likely clogged or defective.

A kinked drain hose or a drain hose that’s not installed to the correct specifications could also cause the issue. If the drain hose is installed correctly and you can’t find a blockage, test the drain pump for continuity with a multimeter. If the pump doesn’t have continuity, it needs to be replaced.

Error codes E30, E31, E32, E35, E38, C3, or 3 beeps are also often a drainage issue, which can be fixed the same way.

EF0, EFO, EF3, or 15 beeps or flashes

The above error codes refer to a detected water leak. The error code can be caused (and fixed) by:

  • using too much detergent (use less)
  • detergent residue in the detergent dispenser (clean the dispenser)
  • a damaged or cracked door gasket (replace if defective)
  • a water supply hose leak (replace if defective)
  • clogged water inlet hose filters (unclog the filters)
  • a clogged or damaged filter (clean the filter or replace it if damaged)

E02, E03, E40, E41, E42, E43, E44 & E45, or four beeps or flashes

The above error codes refer to the door or lid not closing. The washer may be overloaded or some clothing may be preventing the door or lid from closing. Another possible cause is that the child lock has been activated.

If you can’t resolve the issue, the door lock assembly or lid switch assembly may need to be replaced.

Common Electrolux microwave error codes

Warning: Microwaves are extremely dangerous to repair because of the high-voltage capacitor, which retains electricity even when unplugged. Therefore, we recommend contacting a trained technician to repair a microwave issue.

SE: Key short or stuck key error

The SE error code indicates that a problem with the microwave’s keypad has occurred. Drying the keypad and disconnecting the power for a minute may resolve the issue. If the error code remains, a technician is required to diagnose and fix the issue. This code could also indicate an issue with the microwave control board.

F44: The cooling fan speed is abnormally fast

Often the F44 error code is caused by something blocking the cooling fan airflow. If nothing is blocking the cooling fan, it most likely needs to be replaced. A control board fault could also be causing the error code.

Common Electrolux dryer error codes

E66: Blown thermal fuse

The dryer’s thermal fuse (or thermal limiter) is an important safety feature, which stops the dryer from operating if it gets too hot. Once the fuse blows, it can’t be reset and must be replaced.

The thermal fuse is usually located on the dryer’s exhaust, behind the dryer’s rear panel. It’s important to determine why the fuse blew and to fix the problem. Typically, a clogged exhaust or a defective heating element causes the fuse to blow.

EF1 or EF3: Clogged ventilation

The above error codes typically occur because the ventilation is clogged. The ventilation blockage might be inside the dryer or in the duct that carries air outside of your home. Cleaning the ventilation with a ventilation cleaning kit should resolve the issue.

The EF3 error code can also be caused by blocked or damaged moisture sensors. The sensors may need to be cleaned or replaced to fix the problem.

E42: Door sensor error

An E42 error code means the dryer won’t operate because the door isn’t closed properly. If the door is closing, the door lock assembly or door switch is likely defective and needs to be replaced. A control board fault could also cause the issue.


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