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May 14, 2019
Electrolux Repair

Electrolux, or formally AB Electrolux, is the world’s second-largest appliance manufacturer after Whirlpool. Electrolux appliances are known for their modern design, superb quality, and innovative features. Pioneering appliance technology gives Electrolux the edge it needs to be an industry leader and includes many spectacular advances like:

Induction Ranges

Traditional burners tend to expend a lot of excess energy as well as time. Electrolux has developed ranges that work by heating your cooking utensil itself via a magnetic field that agitates the pan’s material, causing it to heat. As the pan itself is entirely heated, food is cooked evenly using less time and energy while allowing the same freedom of control found with a gas burner. Induction heating has become the standard for home and commercial chefs alike.

Innovative Design

Electrolux emphasizes the beauty of simplicity. They design their product interfaces for intuitive readability so every use feels natural and uncomplicated. One only need spend some time with an Electrolux appliance to see how easy it is, and how effectively they get the job done.

That is not the only thing you will notice. Electrolux proudly works to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of their products, often substantially exceeding Energy Star standards. So not only do you get an appliance that makes your life easier, it helps the planet, too.

Investing in the Future

The Electrolux Design Lab is an annual competition that draws thousands of contestants from around the world. Each year, Electrolux paints an image of the future and then asks participants to develop something for that distant world. The aim is to advance creative development and perhaps create the product of the future, today. Once the pool of finalists diminishes, the victors are left with thousands in cash prizes, an opportunity at an advanced engineering facility, and possibly even a tangible impact on the daily life of every homeowner.

To learn more about Electrolux’s superior appliances, visit ElectroluxAppliances.com. For service on those or any other name-brand appliances, contact Fleet Appliance Corporation today and we’ll provide the best service on Long Island!


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