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May 14, 2019
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Gibson holds a long history of home appliance manufacturing, merged just before the 20th century from two of the earliest ice box companies. In 1877, Joshua Hall moved to Michigan and started the Belding-Hall Company while, nearby, Frank Gibson started his Gibson company, both constructing ice boxes or “ice refrigerators,” as Gibson and his partner referred to them. 30 years later, Gibson purchased Belding-Hall and with their combined experience they’ve put some of the finest appliances on the market, growing into what today is one of the leading appliance brands for many reasons.


Gibson appliances have introduced many industry firsts over the past few decades. In 1931 they released the first multi-temperature zone refrigerator, with its toe press door opener and defrosting capabilities. At the same time they put automatic shut off lights onto the scene, giving children across the world something new to wonder about.

Little over a decade later, Gibson featured upright refrigerators with revolving shelves and Swing-out crisper bins. They’ve continued to improve their products with creative engineering as time has passed and their products only become better with each evolution.


Gibson caters to all your appliance needs. They make air conditioners, ranges, dryers, microwaves, dehumidifiers, trash disposals, washers, fridges, and more. These units come in every type: side by side refrigerators, electric dryers, built-in ovens, portable air conditioners, top loading washers, and any other you can think of. It’s a full range that ensures you have everything you need for everyday convenience.

There are countless more reasons that Gibson stands after so many years as a top provider of home and commercial appliances. To learn more, visit


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