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May 14, 2019
Garland Repair

Garland is the Manitowoc Company’s grizzled cooking equipment division, acquired in 2008 for its decades of manufacturing expertise to boost Manitowoc’s commercial appliance offerings. Garland supplements Manitowoc’s product line with broilers, fryers, cooking ranges, griddles, ovens, stoves, and induction heaters with the hottest features available today. Thanks to its extensive product line, Garland offers everything a commercial cook could want or need.

Induction Cooking

To put it in Garland’s own words, “the benefits of induction cooking are enormous.” Induction appliances excel at just about everything either an electric or gas range typically claims in superiority. You get precise heat control and near instant temperature changes like gas, but with the energy savings and reduced hazard that electricity tends to benefit from. The future of cooking today, anyone striving for utmost efficiency would be remiss to neglect upgrading to induction as soon as possible.

Grilling for Pros

Garland grills give you everything you need to prepare huge portions with the flavor and respect your customers deserve. Cast iron grates on their charbroilers are durable and dependable with optional extensions like fajita warming racks. They also offer heavy-duty gas griddles that come in sizes up to 72” and can use either natural or propane gas. Whether you need a standalone grill or a line griddle, you can find it with Garland.

Everything Broiler

The Master Series Gas Banquet Broiler cooks fish and other meats to perfection. 2 infrared broilers yield excellent temperature dispersion throughout the unit so you can rely on consistent dishes. They come in a variety of models including double deck standing units and countertop broilers at multiple sizes to fit almost any space. This characteristic versatility makes Garland one of the leading cookware manufacturers today.

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