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May 14, 2019
General Electric Repair

General Electric is one of the world’s oldest and largest companies. They develop stylish, versatile appliances with revolutionary features that include high-efficiency top load washers and the industry’s first refrigerator hot water dispenser. With product lines to meet your every need, it’s easy to see how GE has become the appliance industry’s leading supplier. Choice appliances include:

SpeedCook Ovens

GE’s Advantium ovens combine light, heater, and microwave technology to allow fast precise cooking for any kind of food. With preheating out of the equation you can prepare complete meals in minutes. The convection feature cooks without sacrificing flavor or consistency, and sensors ensure that food perfectly matches over one hundred pre-programmed recipes. The perfect compliment to any chef’s arsenal.

Wireless Convection

At International Builders’ Show 2013, GE announced a convection oven capable of wireless operation. Using apps for iPhone or Android and a wireless connection, you can control oven settings from the comfort of your mobile device. No more running back to the kitchen to stop the oven when you’re busy or missing that critical moment of the big game.

GE Profile Series

For those who want form as well as function, the GE Profile series offers a wide range of high-efficiency appliances in contemporary colors and styles. Every appliance can be matched to your decor including wine refrigerators, wall ovens, warming drawers, compactors, dishwashers, dryers, and more. The modern styling and spectacular performance of your GE appliance is sure to please.

GE appliances continue to revolutionize by their exceptional value and versatility. Fleet Appliance guarantees a match for that standard so please call us today if you need repair service for any home or commercial appliance. To learn more about General Electric and GE appliances, visit


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