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May 14, 2019
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Radio Corporation of America was a pioneering figure in the early development of both radio and television technology. Their early success led them to invent LCD, color television, the electron microscope, and countless other revolutionary technologies. Hardly any company can claim to have such a fascinating history of innovation so let’s take a look at some of RCA’s amazing contributions.

Early Broadcast

Started in 1919, RCA was founded as an effort to expand the American radio communication market. Radio technology had proven itself during the first World War and leading military officials wanted to seize proprietorship of radio interests before foreign investors did the same. They partnered with GE then purchased another radio manufacturer, incorporating that into what would then become known as RCA.

Shortly afterwards, they expanded their receiver business by purchasing Victor Talking Machine Company, a leading manufacturer of phonographs and records. Using their new assets, they began selling some of the world’s finest radio equipment during a period of time when it was in extremely high demand, and they profited immensely.


In 1939, RCA unveiled their all-electronic television at the World’s Fair in New York, much to the awe of the millions of attendees, many of whom had never seen motion picture. RCA was poised to begin selling them, but the fall of World War II halted production until its end. RCA then immediately restarted production and moved countless units, further improving the brand’s fame.


RCA invested millions in diversifying its portfolio during the ‘60s and ‘70s; they even acquired Hertz rental cars and Random House publishing. Although they’ve since sharpened their focus, today the RCA trademark can be seen across a variety of products developed by RCA’s licensing partners. You can find RCA microwaves, TVs, MP3 players, and more in outlets across the world. And, thanks to RCA’s trademark reliability, it’s likely to remain that way for some time to come.

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