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May 14, 2019
Jade Repair

Jade Range LLC has provided commercial-quality appliances for homes and businesses since 1968. Their products are built to handle large portions at precise settings just like restaurant cooks demand. Partly because of this, their appliances are favored by many celebrity chefs including Miyamoto, Mario Botali, and Ken Oringer, professionals who demand nothing but the best when it comes to their toolset. They turn to Jade when they need…

A Versatile Range of Products

Jade’s portfolio focuses on cooking equipment and they offer everything one could need for any type of situation. Griddles, grills, cooktops, woks, broilers, convection ovens, taco ranges; if it can be used to transform dinner into dining, Jade probably makes it. They also work with chefs to configure products to accommodate any space, often resulting in unique equipment designed specifically to cater to the cook’s needs.

Outstanding Dependability

Jade touts its 4 year parts and labor warranty as the only one like it in the industry. Their appliances are meant to stand up to many years of frequent, heavy use typically seen in commercial settings so they’re exceptionally reliable. Scratch-resistant materials and removable components make maintenance a breeze, but when you need professional service, don’t forget you can always call Fleet!

Specialty Cooking

As one of the few manufacturers of niche cooking appliances in the industry, Jade has become famous amongst specialty restaurants for a superior range of products. They sell teppan-yaki griddles, modular cooktops, cheese melters, wood broilers, and more to meet the needs of cooks from all disciplines.

With versatility and dependability as staples of the brand, Jade’s fame comes as no surprise. To learn more about Jade Range LLC, visit JadeRange.com. For Jade appliance repair service, call Fleet Appliance to get in touch with the best techs in town!


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