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May 14, 2019
Magic Chef Repair

Founded in 1929, Magic Chef originally began as a stove manufacturing company. Since its creation, Magic Chef has expanded its market to all things appliance. Magic Chef is one of the most versatile and high quality product sourcing appliance companies.  Magic Chef product sourcing extends to global lengths yet still remains a local presence – it is a trusted name chefs turn to for reliable, quality kitchen appliances.

The Right Product at the Right Price

Not everyone needs a full-sized refrigerator, and a secondary cooler can be useful for separating certain foods or hiding others from hungry family members. Magic Chef’s range of compact mini-fridges give you versatility at a reasonable price without sacrificing more than a few feet of space. Wine and beverage coolers offer the same convenience, but specially designed to protect fine vintages and other expensive drinks. A perfect line of choices for any rec room, drink bar, or office break room.

Small Kitchen Appliances for Every Job

Magic Chef offers perfectly priced toasters for starting your morning right. Want an omelette with your toast? Dice your ingredients to taste with their mini-chopper. If you spill anything on your shirt, you can even prepare another with a Magic Chef steam iron, complete with adjustable controls and non-stick plating. It’s thisproduct versatility that has made Magic Chef a home name for decades.

World Class Brands

Magic Chef appliances sources kitchen appliance products under world class brand names such as Sunbeam®, Oster® , and Norpole®. Magic Chef appliance is able to select the best manufacturer to source each individual appliance to achieve the best quality desired product. Since Magic Chef has a versatile collection of expert partners, each appliance is created to the highest standard. Magic Chef Appliances are “SO RIGHT at home” and are able to serve your home, dorm, and office appliance needs.

To find out more information on Magic Chef appliances, visit their website at: Magic Chef Appliances.


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