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May 14, 2019
Northland Repair

Northland Refrigeration differentiates itself by providing customized cooling units for home and commercial buyers. Their experience developing such different and varied products inspired many creative features including 3 Door/3 Zone refrigerators and multi-zone wine coolers with optional Humidrawers for cigars. Now backed by the combined might of appliance conglomerate AGA Marvel, Northland continues to enhance its standard product line while shipping one-of-a-kind refrigerators across the country.

Northland History

Originally known as Ranney Refrigerator in 1892, the company’s investment in the development of cooling units has never abated. Their production facilities were founded in Greenville, Michigan, and known for their quality. The company grew as its orders did. By the late 1930’s, mechanical refrigerators were a household necessity and the company had completely focused on them. In 1970, the company was sold and then sold again in 1978, continuing operation as Northland Refrigeration.

Northland Refrigeration

The newly minted Northland quickly refined its focus to specialized refrigeration units. As one of the few or perhaps only built-to-order cooling unit makers, Northland prospered in its niche. They developed and enhanced some of the earliest all-metal refrigerators, each evolution being more durable than the last. In 2002, they unveiled the largest fridge/freezer combo in the entire world, a 72-inch behemoth with luxuriant storage capacity.

In 2003, AGA Foodservice Group acquired Northland. The companies merged with a number of other brands to form AGA Marvel. Each brand stands today as a specialized element of the whole, within which Northland Refrigerator plays its part as a leading producer of customized freezers and refrigerators.

To see Northland’s impressive milestones and learn more about the company, visit When you need appliance repair service for your Northland wine cooler or refrigerator, please call Fleet Appliance and we’ll give you the best service in town!


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