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May 14, 2019
Samsung Repair

Samsung produces some of the highest quality appliances on the market. Every Samsung appliance implements cutting-edge technology for enhanced versatility that improves your appliance experience in numerous ways. From sectioned fridge compartments with independent temperature controls to ultra-quiet dishwashers, Samsung often leads the pack in home appliance development.


Modern Samsung appliances include features that improve your life in countless ways. Their refrigerators can include LCD screens that allow you to take notes, listen to music, follow the latest news, and even look up recipes without leaving your kitchen. Induction ovens allow you to prepare food faster with consistent cooking all the way through. And their newest washers include PowerFoam technology that dissolves detergent for a more thorough clean that you’ll appreciate every time you put on a fresh outfit.


Samsung appliances are designed to match any home decor. Their popular stainless steel design matches just about any setting, and a wide range of sizes and shapes are available for even the most limited spaces. But you won’t have to sacrifice functionality for form. Samsung takes great care to ensure that their ovens, washers, refrigerators, and other appliances can hold more without taking up more space. They truly offer a complete package.


J.D. Power and Associates awarded Samsung washers and dryers with the Highest Customer Satisfaction prize for 4 years in a row (5 for their dryers). Every year, their latest products win recognition at the Consumer Electronic Show, an expose for the latest and greatest appliances and electronics in the world. And their dishwashers are often recognized as some of the quietest on the market. All the effort Samsung puts into making exceptional products pays off, especially when you have one in your home.

Fleet Appliance Corporation helps ensure that your Samsung appliance remains in tip-top shape.


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