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May 14, 2019
U-line Repair

U-Line is known for its manufacturing of top of the line under-counter refrigeration units. Founded in 1962, the company started with the creation of under the counter ice machine. U-Line can also be credited with a couple other “firsts” when it comes to under counter refrigeration – such as portable ice makers, combination freezer/ ice maker, and wine refrigeration system. U-Line appliances are distributed at upscale local retailers.

50th Anniversary

U-Line recently celebrated their 50th anniversary of making high quality, luxury under-counter kitchen appliances. In the 50+ years since conception, U-Line has achieved all they had wanted and more. Under-counter appliances are changing the way kitchens are designed. With their extreme functionality and elegance – under the counter appliances seem to be the way to go when creating your dream kitchen. U-line has made this possible with the variety of quality innovative items they offer.

Wine Captain

U-Line can be credited with the creation of the first under-counter wine refrigeration system. The Wine Captain is not your ordinary wine cooler, it is one of the most innovative wine refrigeration systems on the market. The Wine Captain features a triple zone temperature system which allows for the storage of a variety of wines at the temperature that is imperative for the best tasting wine.

To learn more about U-Line appliances, visit : U-Line.com


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