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May 14, 2019
Whirlpool Repair

The Whirlpool Corporation is one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world. With over 70,000 employees, facilities across the world, and a portfolio that includes other major brands such as KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Maytag, and more, few other companies can offer the appliance expertise Whirlpool has under their belt. Whirlpool appliances offer many perks for home and commercial use such as:


The Whirlpool brand covers almost every single type of home and commercial appliance. They offer stoves, cooking ranges, microwaves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, coolers, dishwashers, and just about anything else you could need. There are no appliance needs that Whirlpool doesn’t offer a solution for.


Decades of experience and partnerships with industry-leading brands have taught Whirlpool how to make handy, efficient products that consistently exceed expectations. Modern Whirlpool convection stove tops include features like TimeSavor which can decrease cooking time by as much as 30%, while their dishwashers come with a Sensor Cycle that automatically detects the appropriate settings to clean your dishes. Their washers and dryers also feature superior storage and enhanced vibration controls, making them some of the quietest on the market.


Above and beyond the products they make, Whirlpool is one of the leading partners in the Habitat for Humanity program. Habitat for Humanity works worldwide to provide affordable housing for those in need. Whirlpool has committed millions of dollars and tens of thousands of appliances to the program, resulting in a tangible improvement in the quality of life for thousands across the globe.

To learn more about Whirlpool’s product line visit Whirlpool.com; to learn more about the company visit WhirlpoolCorp.com. Fleet Appliance proudly services Whirlpool appliances for residents of Long Island, so please do not hesitate to contact us when you need assistance.


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