Wolf Appliance


Wolf cooking appliances are made for the serious home chef. With an 80 year legacy in the industrial dining industry, their appliances cover all your cooking concerns. Acquired by Sub-Zero in 2000, Wolf is now part of a family of home dining products built to suit every need with practical style.


Wolf provides everything you need to prepare a master dish. They make convection ovens, microwaves, warming drawers, outdoor grills, gas cooktops, ventilation components, and more. Precision is the name of the game with Wolf as every appliance is engineered for precise output every time. Your bread will be flaky, your steaks are juicy, and your sautees savory with perfect consistency.

Energy Efficiency

Sub-Zero/Wolf dedicates itself to protecting the environment. Sub-Zero maintains a versatile line of Energy Star products and was ranked one of the top Green Brands in 2007. All Wolf and Sub-Zero products meet the EPA’s standards and are manufactured with recycled metals, and since every product is made in America, the company’s carbon footprint is reduced even further.

Award-Winning Design

Style is an important part of feeling at home. Wolf uses contemporary designs to bring beauty and efficiency to your cooking experience so you don’t have to compromise. They’ve even received an Industrial Design Excellence Award for their dual convection oven and electric cooktop. It’s no wonder they’ve become a darling amongst dedicated cooks.

To learn more about Wolf and Sub-Zero brand appliances, visit SubZero-Wolf.com. Fleet Appliance is happy to assist with all of your appliance repair problems so don’t hesitate to call when you need us. We’re always ready to provide the best appliance service on Long Island.


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