Here’s Why Your Samsung Ice Maker Is Not Working

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September 6, 2022
Refrigerator Repair

Samsung appliances have a great reputation and are trusted across the world but, like any appliance, they can also break down from time to time. It is not necessarily going to be a major problem with your ice dispenser, sometimes it’s just the little obstructions that can make it seem like your ice maker isn’t working properly. Follow our guide and you can make it rain with ice once again! 

There are multiple causes that can lead to a faulty ice machine, ranging from bad connections, over-cooled or overheating temperature cycles, bad motors, ice obstructions, dirty filters and many others. This article will take you through an easy troubleshooting guide that may hopefully solve your problem before you call that handyman.

1. Check if the Ice Option is Off

Most Samsung refrigerators have a digital display which includes the choice to turn the ice machine process on or off, depending on whether you want your fridge to dispense ice. If your refrigerator is not dispensing ice at all, it’s very probable that the option has been accidentally turned off from the menu. To check it, find the digital display and see if the ‘Ice’ option is turned on or off. Press and hold the ice button for 5 seconds and it will turn back on. You can now get back to your routine without worrying about ice.

2. Check for Ice Clumps and Build-up

As with any dispensing machine, if it won’t get a proper supply of the dispensed material, it will not work properly. This is a frequent hiccup that can occur with ice machines and a blockage or build-up is a very probable cause to that. Open up the refrigerator and take a look at the ice bucket/tray, if you see any visible build-up or deformed ice which is blocking the way, take the deformed and clogged ice out and run the dispenser again, if it runs properly this time, then your problem is fixed!

3. Defrost Your Bucket or Refrigerator

If you have just tried the step above and cleared the bucket of any deformed ice but your machine is still not dispensing ice properly, or at all, then you might have deeper obstructions or ice build-up in the ice canal of the refrigerator. First off, you can try defrosting the bucket or the machine itself and check if that solves the problem. If it doesn’t then you should try defrosting the entire refrigerator and leave it for a little bit just so all the ice can melt and unblock the dispensers. 

Most Samsung refrigerators and ice machines have a built-in option for defrosting, so you can use that. If not, maybe it’s time to call your mom and ask her for tips on defrosting! You don’t actually have to bother your mom though, just leave the refrigerator with the cooling turned off, and it will defrost in a little while.

4. Check the Water Inlet

It’s a general process of the Samsung ice makers that whenever the machine requires water for ice, it would automatically open the inlet valve and let water in to make the ice. With time, that valve might get clogged up by minerals that travel along with the water and are trapped by the filter or valve. If there isn’t a proper water flow then it is pretty obvious that your ice machine will not dispense ice and will form ice build-ups in the dispensing canal.

Locate your inlet valve, delink it, and check it for any clogs or mineral build-up. If you can find any then use a brush or a tool to clean it out and then place it in again. Run the dispenser and if it works, you can lay back with a sigh of relief.

5. Check the Water Pressure

The recommended pressure of water for the ice maker is 20psi as stipulated by Samsung’s manual. Locate your water inlet and check it for the water pressure, if you feel like that it is very slow, or doesn’t produce any pressure at all then you should call a plumber to check your plumbing, or just connect the valve to an inlet with higher water pressure. Low water pressure usually produces clumpy or sludgy ice but it will produce ice.

6. Check the Water Filter

Samsung recommends that you change your water filter every six month. If you haven’t changed it then you should open up the filter housing and check your filter for clogs. If there are clogs then just replace it with a new filter and your water flow will be restored and the ice machine will start working again.

7. Check the Motor

This is a task with a raised difficulty level so you can only check it by hand without trying to open it up. The motor has a twisty auger connected to it and it is responsible for taking the ice cubes to the dispensing mouth of the refrigerator. Remove the ice bucket from the refrigerator and you should be able to see the auger. Turn it by hand and if it moves freely then move on to check its continuity with a multimeter. If the multimeter doesn’t beep after you have pronged the motor correctly, then you have a blown motor. It’s best that you leave it to a trained technician to replace it, as you might get a hefty bill of repairs if you try to DIY it!

Make sure you have tried all the steps above before calling a handyman or a technician, as it might just be a simple filter clog or water problem. Or you might have just accidentally turned the ice option off. If any one of the methods works, you can pat yourself on the back and have a treat for a job well done!


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