Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes Explained

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January 9, 2023
Refrigerator Repair

This article discusses some of the most common error codes associated with Samsung refrigerators. If you have ever had an error code appear on your refrigerator and didn’t know what it meant, this article is for you. We will explain what the error codes mean and how you can fix the problem yourself, often without the help of a service person. 

Common Samsung refrigerator models 

This article covers the following major models of Samsung refrigerators including: 






















Error codes and what they mean 

Error code: AP

What it means: Access Point

This code will usually come up if you have held down a button during the SmartThings set up. The AP code signals that the refrigerator is acting as an access point, allowing it to be set up for Wi-Fi features such as SmartThings. This code will go away on its own once you have set up SmartThings or will go away on its own.

Error code: 21E

What it means: Freezer fan error

This error code indicates that the refrigerator is not receiving rotational feedback from the freezer fan. The most common cause of this is that the freezer fan has frozen over. This can be as a result of leaving the door open, or motor failure. Defrosting the unit may be the easiest solution to this issue.   After doing this, ensure that the door gaskets are fully sealed. 

Error code: 22E, 22C

What it means: Fridge fan error

This can occur when the refrigerator is left running with its door open for an extended period of time. This can be reset by unplugging the refrigerator and leaving the doors open. After a few hours, the error code should go away once you have plugged the fridge back in with the doors closed and running as normal. 

Error code: 41, 42 with interior blue lights flashing 

What it means: The Family Hub needs to be reset 

This can usually be fixed by rebooting the family hub. Do this by turning the power switch found in the top right of the door on and off. 

Error code: 41C

What it means: The software needs to be updated 

If you own a 3-Door Family Hub model your refrigerator is likely asking you to download and install the latest software update. 

Error code: 76 or a blinking of the autofill indicator 

What it means: Water has been detected in the autofill compartment  

The best place to start when this occurs is drying and draining the autofill compartment before reinstalling the pitcher. 

Error code: 85C

What it means: Power outage 

This error code indicates that low voltages have been detected on the power source. Causes of this include momentary power outages. This usually requires no further action and can be reset by pressing OK for 3 seconds. 

Error code: 88, 83E or 86E

What it means: Power and voltage error 

These codes usually appear if there has been a disruption in the power. This may be caused by power surges or communication failures. The best way to solve this issue is by turning the refrigerator off and unplugging the power for one minute.  

Error code: 83E, 85E, 86E, 88 88

What it means: Electrical error 

This is usually caused by a disruption, such as a power surge or distortion in power that has occurred during boot up. In this case, the best thing to do is to turn your refrigerator off and unplug the power supply for a minute before starting your refrigerator up again. 

Error code: PC ER, PC CH

What it means: Communication error 

This often occurs if there has been a power surge or if the doors have not been properly connected resulting in a communication error. Try turning your refrigerator off and unplug the power supply for a minute. While unplugged, disconnect and reconnect the wire harness above the fridge before starting your refrigerator up again. 

Error code: OF OF, O FF or scrolling temperature bars 

What it means: Your refrigerator is in Demo mode 

These codes mean your refrigerator is in cooling off mode, more commonly known as demo mode. Double-check your refrigerator user manual on how to turn this mode off, but most models will tell you to hold the top two buttons found either on the left or right side of the panel for 5 to 8 seconds until a sound is heard. 

Error code: All icons are flashing 

What it means: Your refrigerator is running a self-diagnostic 

If this occurs either after being plugged in or after a power cut, then there is no need to worry. Your refrigerator is carrying out what is called a self-diagnostic, checking that all systems are running as they should. 

Error code: Ice Off blinking  

What it means: Your ice bucket is not inserted properly  

This can usually be solved by either readjusting the ice bucket or replacing the ice bucket if one has been installed. 

Error code: 39E, 39C 

What it means: Your ice maker is not working properly 

This may be caused by an ice maker that has not been assembled properly. This can usually be resolved by having a service person replace any defective parts or replacing the ice maker entirely. 

Other codes

  • 5E: Fridge Defrost Sensor Error
  • 8E: Ice Maker (Freezer) Sensor Error
  • 14E: Ice Maker Sensor Error
  • 33E: Ice Pipe Heater Error
  • 40E, 40C: Ice Room Fan Error
  • 84C: Compressor Lock

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