Laundry Pods Not Dissolving in The Washer? How To Fix It

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August 10, 2022
Washer Repair

Laundry pods are used by millions of consumers due to their convenience, effectiveness, and ease of use compared to laundry detergents and powders. But sometimes they can fail to dissolve properly, causing people to have to re-do their laundry.

In this article, we are going to discuss why this happens and how you can prevent it. 

Let’s dive in.

Why laundry pods don’t dissolve

There are a number of reasons why laundry pods don’t dissolve, including:

  • You may have the wrong type of washing machine. Most washing machine manufacturers recommend that pods are most suited for standard top-loader washing machine models as well as high-efficiency top and front-loaders. 
  • You’re putting the pod in the detergent drawer. Some washing machine models with automatic detergent drawers aren’t suited for pods, as the drawer doesn’t always open when it should. For best results, place the pod into the washer drum instead of the detergent drawer.
  • The water temperature isn’t hot enough. For pods to dissolve properly, the water temperature in your washer needs to be hot enough. If you’re finding that your pods aren’t dissolving regularly, consider turning the temperature setting up.
  • You’re overfilling your washing machine. Always make sure that you don’t overfill your washing machine drum when starting a new load of laundry. If you do, you risk the laundry pod not dissolving as there won’t be enough water in the washing machine drum.
  • You’re putting the pods in wrong. Laundry pods should always be added to the washing machine drum BEFORE you put your laundry in. This is because the pod can dissolve much easier and fully when at the bottom of the drum. If the pod is on top of your load of laundry, you run the risk of streaks and stains appearing on your laundry when the wash cycle ends. When this happens, you’ll have to run your laundry through a second cycle.
  • You’re using too many pods. It’s also important to use the correct number of pods. When you use too many, they may not dissolve, as there might not be enough water in the washing machine drum. The general rule of thumb is to use one pod for a regular load of laundry and two pods when you put an extra-large load of laundry in.
  • You’re not storing them properly. If you don’t store your laundry pods in a dry, sealed container (or the packet they come in), you run the risk of them becoming hardened, which will prevent them from being able to dissolve.

What to do if your pods don’t dissolve

It depends largely on the reason why the pod didn’t dissolve. For example:

  • If you overfill your washing machine. Take some of the laundry load out and wash it separately. For the remaining laundry, you can put your washing machine on a new wash cycle–but don’t use any new pods or any other detergent.
  • If the water wasn’t hot enough. You will need to rewash your laundry using a higher temperature setting. Again, don’t put any new pods or detergent into the washing machine.
  • If you put the pod on top of your laundry. When you do this, the pod won’t dissolve and your laundry will come out of the washer covered in streaks and pod stains. If this happens, you will need to rewash your laundry without adding a new pod or any other detergent.
  • If you have the wrong washing machine. If your washing machine isn’t suitable for using pods, your only option is to not use them and instead use traditional laundry powders and detergents.
  • If you put the pod in the detergent drawer. The easiest action to take is to get the pod from the drawer and place it on the bottom of your washing machine drum and then run it through a new wash cycle. Next time you do a load of washing, make sure you put the pod in the bottom of the washing machine drum before you put your laundry in.
  • If you haven’t stored them properly. If you haven’t stored your laundry pods in a dry container or packet, you will, unfortunately, have to throw them out and get a new packet of pods. This is because the pods have probably dried out, which has made them unusable.

Are laundry pods worth it?

Laundry pods are convenient and—when used correctly—ensure your load of laundry comes out clean and fresh. However, they do cost a bit more than other laundry powders and detergents. So, if the price is a factor for you, pods might not be the best option. Pods tend to be less messy and don’t leave as much moisture in your washing machine after a wash cycle, which can help reduce the amount of bacteria and mold that build up in your appliance.


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