Suffolk County’s Dryer Appliance Repair Leaders

The household dryer turns a day-long chore into a minor task, but because they are often out of sight it’s easy to forget how useful they are. When a dryer breaks, however, moist clothes make our reliance clear. If you’re running a laundromat, disabled dryers means decreasing profits which cannot be tolerated for long.

Thankfully, Fleet Appliance Corp is here to help. We can fix commercial dryers, top or front-loading dryers, washer/dryer combos and more.

How Do I Know If I Need Dryer Repair Service?

  • Dryer makes loud noises
  • Dryer shakes and moves wildly
  • Drum won’t rotate
  • Burning smell or smoke
  • Clothes remain wet
  • Heat melts clothing
  • Excess heat from unit
  • Dryer exhausting into room

These issues are signs that you need dryer repair service promptly. Our friendly service people are here to help so call Fleet Appliance today and see why we’re Long Island’s best!

Fleet Appliance only hires the best technicians to service your home or commercial appliance equipment. We’re factory trained and certified to handle all kinds of appliance makes and models. And our leading warranty means you can always rely on the quality of our work.

What Makes Fleet Appliance the Best Repair Service on Long Island?

  • Trucks stocked with 1000+ parts
  • Reliable OEM components
  • Friendly, personal service
  • Easy scheduling
  • GPS for real-time tracking
  • Parts and labor warranty
  • Paperless invoices
  • Affordable prices

Tips to Keep Your Dryer Working

  • Do not over stuff the machine with laundry.
  • Be sure to clean the lint screen and dryer vents regularly.
  • Use appropriate dryer settings to protect clothing and reduce energy consumption.