As the summer sets in with its pulsing heat and balmy days, few things become more appealing than an ice cold beverage. But the heat is just as hard on our ice makers, which have to work full time to keep up with rising temperatures and extended use. Don’t worry: Fleet Appliance Corp is here to make sure your ice machine gets the maintenance and care it needs.

Fleet Appliance has been servicing ice makers and ice machines in the Long Island area for decades. We handle in-fridge ice dispensers, countertop ice makers, commercial ice makers, ice storage bins, display coolers, and more. For the best in home and commercial appliance repair service, call us today

Ice Machine Repair Warning Signs

  • Ice maker is clogged
  • Ice won’t dispense
  • Weird noises or smells
  • Irregularly shaped cubes
  • Ice melts or fluid leaks
  • Ice is dirty
  • Ice machine isn’t working at all
  • Intermittent shut off

When you call us, we send factory trained technicians straight to your door in vehicles stocked with hundreds of parts. This way, we have access to many of the tools we need to maintain our high first-time completion standard. We also equip our vehicles with GPS, allowing us to track technicians in real-time so you can get instant appointment updates.

Tips to Keep Your Ice Maker Chilly

  • If ice clumps together, adjust the temperature accordingly. If it continues, check that the appliance isn’t powering off intermittently, causing ice to melt then refreeze in a block.
  • Try to keep your ice machine and ice storage bins in the coolest area possible, away from direct sunlight or other heat-emitting appliances.
  • Excess frost buildup can be a sign that something is wrong with the defroster. Adjust the temperature or replace the defroster or thermometers as necessary.