Long Island’s Best Stove, Oven, and Range Repair Service

Few things are better than a homecooked meal. They’re full of nutrition and flavor fast-food can only try to copy with salt and artificial sweeteners. They also give families a chance to sit down and share time together. Include the benefit in savings from eating at home and the potential loss caused by a broken cooking appliance quickly adds up.

Most ovens, stoves, and ranges are built to withstand years of service without need for repair, but there are many complicated components that can potentially malfunction. Due to the potential danger of a leak with gas appliances, it’s highly suggested that you hire qualified technicians for service, and the same will help ensure your electric oven remains in top shape for decades to come. That why you need Fleet Appliance Corp.

Signs That You May Need Oven Appliance Repair Service

  • Pilots on range won’t light
  • Oven won’t heat
  • Temperature not accurate
  • Uneven cooking
  • Broken lights or buttons
  • Broken LED/LCD displays
  • Missing dials or components
  • Strange noises or smells

 If you’re experiencing these or any other kind of problem with your stove, cooking top, or other home or commercial appliance, call Fleet Appliance Corp.

Tips to Keep Your Oven or Range Cooking

  • Clean the exterior, interior, and any grease or debris catchers regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Use cookware suited to the job. For example, pans that match the size of your burner will cook food more evenly.
  •  Check the door seal on your oven to ensure heat isn’t leaking into your home and costing you money.