Fleet Appliance Offers Superior Refrigerator Repair in Long Island

There’s no doubting it: the refrigerator is the most important home appliance. Properly stored foods are key to a healthy lifestyle and far above clean laundry or dry dishes.

So when something happens to your fridge, it can be a disaster. Food spoils, frozen goods melt, and if you’re not careful, bacteria and mold can get a hold of a dark crevice and become a recurring problem. It’s important to avoid trouble like this with regular maintenance, or better yet, professional service from Fleet Appliance!

To prevent overheating, which wears down components, make sure nothing obstructs the area immediately around your fridge; it needs room to ventilate heat buildup. Part of that ventilation comes off the condenser coils which must be cleaned regularly to prevent overworking the machinery.

Refrigerator Repair Has Never Been This Good

Our technicians are prepared for anything. We stock our vehicles with hundreds of parts allowing us to maintain one of the highest first-time completion rates in the state. We also equip our vehicles with GPS to make it easy to get real-time status updates and schedule accurate appointments. But when should you call us?

Signs Your Fridge Needs Repair

  • It makes abnormal noises
  • Food isn’t cooled or frozen
  • Fluids leak from unit
  • Ice maker malfunctions
  • Lights break or flicker

Why Are We The Best?

  • More than 20 years of reliable service
  • Parts and labor service warranties
  • Fast, friendly service
  • Real-time status tracking
  • Trained, certified technicians

 With the average fully-featured refrigerator/freezer combo costing over $1000, it’s easy to see why maintenance service to extend the lifespan of your unit is preferable. Call us today and we’ll work around your schedule to see that you receive Long Island’s best appliance repair. See why Fleet Appliance is Suffolk County’s best!