No one likes to take filthy garbage out to the bin. Fortunately, trash compactors reduce the need substantially by crushing your waste into a compact, easily disposable form. But with complicated sensor electronics, powerful machinery, and a common affliction of over-zealous use, many garbage disposals tend to suffer regular damage. That’s where we come in.

Fleet Appliance Corp knows how to keep your home and commercial appliances running better, longer. With decades of experience and service qualifications for every major brand and appliance, we make sure your trash compactor reaches its maximum lifespan potential. 

Fleet Appliance Offers Complete Compactor Repair for Countless Issues

  • Trash compactor stuck or immovable
  • Garbage stuck in components
  • Rusted or worn parts
  • Strange smells or noises
  • Error codes
  • Disabled buttons or dials

Fleet Appliance technicians have years of experience and all the best tools at their disposal. They arrive at your door in vehicles stocked with hundreds of parts for repair, and use field PCs to send you helpful documentation and paperless invoices. We back the quality of our service with a superior warranty that ensures you’re always in ideal hands in Fleet’s care.

Tips to Keep Your Trash Compact

  • Only insert reasonable amounts of garbage when compacting.
  • Empty fluids and oils before placing containers into disposal to avoid rusting internal components.
  • Before servicing yourself, always remove power connections to avoid potential injury.