The Sub-Zero Difference

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May 14, 2019
Sub-Zero Repair

Sub-Zero Dual Refrigeration.
Sub-Zero has provided top-of-the-line refrigeration for over half a century. Known for its trademark dual-refrigeration technology, the Sub-Zero brand is a leader among its other high-end appliance competitors. Sub-Zero’s dual-refrigeration technology allows for independent temperature and humidity settings in the freezer and refrigerator units. The ability to isolate temperature and humidity controls is what makes the “Sub-Zero Difference.” As owners of Sub-Zero refrigerators can attest, the dual-refrigeration technology helps to preserve food longer than a standard refrigerator.

Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigeration
Developed by Sub-Zero Founder Westye F. Bakke, Sub-Zero was the first company to establish the built-in design that is now standard in the industry. Sub-Zero’s built-in design allows units to fit into constrained counter and cabinet layouts with ease. Sub-Zero has since expanded its product line to include undercounter units, wine coolers, and integrated refrigerator models that blend seamlessly into kitchen cabinetry. Sub-Zero products are designed to be aesthetically integrated into your kitchen; products can be wrapped in stainless steel or wood paneling to match your existing cabinetry.

Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigeration
Sub-Zero offers free-range refrigeration design, meaning that your refrigeration can be designed around the functionality of your family’s needs and kitchen space. Don’t have room for a large refrigerator? No problem. Sub-zero has refrigerated drawers, beverage coolers and standalone freezers that can be integrated into any space, in any room.


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