How to Resolve the LG Washer LE Error Code

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April 9, 2024
LG Repair

The LE error code on an LG washer indicates there is an issue with the spin cycle. This can be caused by an overloaded tub or a jammed mechanism. While it sounds tricky to fix, there are a few DIY solutions you can try at home before having to call in a professional technician. 

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Check Your Load Size

Before moving on to complicated DIY fixes, the first thing to do when your LG washer displays the LE error is to check for user issues. A common contributor to issues with the spin cycle is an oversized load, which can be too heavy for the motor to spin correctly. This is particularly likely if you’ve washed something that tends to absorb a lot of water, such as a large woolen blanket. 

Make sure you check the load capacity of your washer, and check that you’re not consistently overloading it. If you need to wash heavy items like blankets that exceed your washer’s weight restrictions, look at handwashing them instead. 

Check Your Load is Balanced

While overly heavy loads can contribute to the LE error code, so can unbalanced loads. Washing large, bulky items and failing to properly distribute your load can cause the spin cycle to fail. Here’s how to avoid this happening:

  • Spread out your laundry evenly: When loading the drum of your washer, make sure you distribute the clothes evenly. This will help ensure they stay evenly distributed throughout the wash cycle and don’t clump together. 
  • Do up the buttons on duvet covers: One of the most common causes of clumping is sheets and pillowcases getting stuck inside a duvet cover. Doing up the buttons can prevent this from happening and ensure your load stays spread out. 
  • Use slower spin speeds: Using slower spin speeds, particularly for heavy and bulky items, can reduce the likelihood of clumping. 
  • Redistribute if needed: If your washer starts making loud noises during the spin cycle, stop the cycle and redistribute the load evenly before resuming. 

Ensure You Use the Correct Detergent

Another action you can take to prevent and resolve the LE error code is to ensure you use the correct detergent. Most LG washers are designed to use high-efficiency detergents, which create fewer suds. Using too much detergent or a detergent that creates a lot of suds can cause the drum to get overly full. Your washer may not be able to get rid of all the suds during the rinse cycle, leading to balance issues in the spin cycle. Here’s what to look for:

  • Check your LG manual to see what type of detergent is recommended. 
  • When looking for a detergent brand, check for the HE (high-efficiency) label on the packet. 
  • Make sure you use the recommended amount of detergent—always measure, don’t just eyeball it!

Inspect the Motor Sensor

An essential component of an effective spin cycle in an LG washer is the motor sensor, also called the rotor position sensor. This monitors the speed and direction of the motor, ensuring that it rotates properly during the wash cycle. If it malfunctions, it can trigger the LE error code, and your washer will stop working. Here’s what to do:

  • Disconnect your LG washer from its power source. You can either unplug it or trip the corresponding circuit breaker.
  • Pull the washer away from the wall. Washers can be heavy, so either get help or use a furniture dolly. 
  • Remove the back panel of your washer to gain access to the motor sensor. Consult your LG manual for instructions specific to your model. 
  • If the sensor has any loose wires, reconnect these. 
  • If the sensor is coated in dust or grime, clean it thoroughly with a soft cloth.
  • Check the motor sensor for damage. Use a multimeter to test the sensor to ensure it has continuity. If not, it will need to be replaced. 
  • Purchase a replacement sensor that is compatible with your model of LG washer.
  • Disconnect the faulty sensor from its wiring and put the new sensor in its place. 
  • Put the washer back together, and return it to its position. 
  • Restore power to your LG washer and run a test cycle to see if the error code recurs. If not, your issue has been fixed!

Inspect / Replace the Drive Belt

The drive belt is a crucial part of a washer’s spin cycle, and also one of the most common parts to suffer from wear and tear. The drive belt is a strong, flexible belt that loops around the drum and connects to the motor, allowing the drum to spin. Over time, the belt can become worn, frayed, or stretched, or can even snap entirely. If this happens, your washer’s ability to spin may be impacted, and it can trigger the LE error code. If this happens, it will need replacing. Here’s what to do:

  • Disconnect the washer from its power source. 
  • Move the washer away from the wall.
  • Remove the back panel of your washer. You may need to unscrew or unclip it, depending on your model. 
  • Once the motor, drive belt, and drum are exposed, carefully inspect the belt. It should be firm and smooth without signs of wear or fraying. If it’s falling off the pulleys, this is a clear sign it is stretched and needs to be replaced. 
  • Remove the old, worn belt by sliding it off the pulleys. You may need to loosen the mount to reduce the tension. 
  • Source a replacement belt with the correct specifications, then install it. It will need to be looped around the motor and the drum pulley. 
  • Adjust the tension if necessary. 
  • Reassemble the washer, and restore power. 
  • Run a test cycle to ensure the error code has cleared and the washer is working as it should.

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