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May 14, 2019
Five Star Repair

Often, the highest quality products are crafted by hand to benefit from the personal touch of a trained expert. This is what makes Five Star ranges so special. Each one is assembled by a team of Five Star appliance professionals dedicated to ensuring that every product leaving the factory meets your culinary expectations. When you cook with Five Star, the quality shows every time.

Feature-Filled Cooking Ranges

Five Star ranges happen to be some of the most powerful on the market, and part of their strength lies in the range of that power. Burners extend from 350 to 21,000 Btu on some Five Star stoves so you can blast steak with fire or sear it gently with a light flame in one smooth transition. At full power, you can even boil pasta in minutes.

Five Star side-by-side ovens also allow you to bake, roast, or broil two dishes at once with gas or electric heat. The gas heat tends to increase moisture while the electric dries it out, leaving you with the option of choosing what’s best for your dish. With so much versatile power at hand, Five Star cooking appliances are a great choice for chefs looking to escalate their game.

Customizable Ovens & Ranges

Picking the perfect range is easier than ever thanks to Five Star’s Build Your Ownoven builder at It allows you to choose the size, color, burner count, fuel type, and trim designs then order your custom cookware for delivery online! Few other companies offer this kind of personalization, and just about no one else can back it with Five Star’s signature dependability.

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