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May 14, 2019
General Electric Repair

Created for those who crave for a kitchen with luxury and style, GE Monogram brings you a series of high performing appliances with just the right amount of class and sophistication.

Design Centers 

Created with the consumer in mind, GE design centers were developed to provide inspiration when designing your new kitchen. Design centers are located in New York and Chicago and provide a place for potential buyers to view luxurious kitchen settings to better help make a decision. It is worth the trip when it comes to choosing appliance styles and viewing all customizable door panels to compliment your kitchen.

Style Meets Eco-Responsibility

You may find yourself asking, can you have luxury with responsibility? The answer is yes. GE Monogram is working to meet today’s environmental challenges. GE has partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency in order to adapt better practices when it comes to refrigeration. Not only has monogram adapted a new water filtering and recycling initiative, they have been received the ENERGY STAR Award for sustained environmental excellence for the past six years.

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