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May 14, 2019
Kenmore Repair

Sears has maintained Kenmore’s prestige as one of its premiere brands for over a century. Their line consists of choice products from other manufacturers such as Whirlpool, LG, and Electrolux, handpicked for their quality and affordability. Kenmore sells laundry, kitchen, and other home and commercial appliances to meet most of your everyday needs, from cooking to cleaning, washing to drying, and more. But innovation is what Kenmore is really known for.

Revolving Door Refrigerators

Space is a big plus in a busy kitchen, but you don’t always have it. That’s why Kenmore has begun making revolving door refrigerators that have an additional compartment on the outside of the primary door. If someone is always rummaging through the fridge while you’re rushing for a morning coffee, simply keep your cream in the Grab-N-Go door and you can get what you need without knocking over a loved one.

The Double Oven

The holidays are a time for family, festivities, and food. Preparing a great home cooked meal sometimes takes meticulous timing, but with the Kenmore Double Oven you can prepare multiple dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. Bake brownies and lasagna while you roast lamb and potatoes or keep food warm while you put the finishing touches on the main dish. The Double Oven offers a great range of versatility that’s sure to make dinner more delicious.

Digital Dieting

With decades spent making some of the culinary industries finest products, Kenmore knows that fine appliances are only half the battle. Knowledge and experience are key as well. The Cookmore site aims to help by providing a sizeable database of recipes, tips, and other tools to make a better meal. You can even create your own cookbook and share it with the world, get suggestions, and maybe even cooperate on something destined to please millions of taste buds.

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