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May 14, 2019
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From its earliest roots as the Klein Stove Company in 1890 up to its resurgence as a high-end brand in late 2012, Caloric has built a reputation for quality home products. Its trademark was purchased in 2011 by JM Lee Properties, but the brand is not yet in recirculation so Fleet Appliance has some tips to help you keep your current Caloric appliance up and running.

Appliance Repair with Factory-certified Caloric Parts

Whether it’s an upgrade or a replacement, OEM parts are traditionally the way to go. When searching for qualified Caloric parts, make sure you’re dealing with a qualified dealer offering a quality money-back guarantee. We always back our service with a 30-day parts/90-day labor warranty so give us a call at (631) 286-7899 if you need help with your broken Caloric appliance.

Maintain Oven Blower & Airflow

The oven blower needs to be oiled regularly and cleared of hair or other obstructions. This will deter motor wear and give your oven greater longevity. Ensure the stove is also placed with enough air circulation around it so that components do not overheat. If your stove is too close to the walls, it may cause uncomfortable ambient temperatures or even melt wallpaper.

Replace Faulty Gaskets

Over time, you may notice moisture begin to develop on the outside of your Caloric oven’s window. This likely means the gasket which prevents moisture transfer is broken somehow. You can find replacements at qualified providers or call a certified repair service like Fleet for help fixing it.

To learn more about Caloric’s history, visit their Wikipedia article at For immediate appliance repair service, call Fleet Appliance at (631) 286-7899


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