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May 14, 2019
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An affordable, stylish home appliance can be hard to find. Many high-end units include superfluous features that often do more to jack up the price than ease your daily routine. Fortunately, Estate appliances bridge the gap between quality and affordability, giving the average homeowner everything they need to tend to their chores, cook their food, and store their goods.


Estate refrigerators come in sizes from 14 to 25 cu. ft in white, silver, and biscuit colors. The smaller ones are top mount fridges and the side-by-side refrigerators are available in the largest size. The most expensive unit barely exceeds $1000, but the smallest unit is just half that. Perfect starting refrigerator or as a backup to your primary unit.


Estate microwave | Fleet Appliance repair

Need a microwave, a freestanding range, or a self-cleaning gas or electric oven? Estate makes each in multiple models in white, black, and silver. The 30” self-cleaning freestanding gas range has everything you need for a quick, concise burn with every meal prep. Try Estate when you need reliable cooking efficiency on a budget.


Estate dishwashers come in large and extra large capacities in the standard colors mentioned. At only $300, they’re perfect as a quick replacement, a new toy, or a handy spare. These units have every useful preset and are also Energy Star qualified.


For laundry, there’s the Estate top loading washer and front loading dryer. These units include multiple presets, alarms, and power cycles for extra soiled loads. Whether it’s cooking or cleaning, for the quality conscious, Estate has you covered!

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