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May 14, 2019
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Jenn Air appliances have been transforming the kitchen since 1961 when the company integrated the industrial fan, which they specialized in their early years, to a cook top range – which led to the creation of the first-ever self-ventilated downdraft cooktop. The company has since expanded and now manufactures a variety of kitchen appliances ranging from ventilation and cooktops, to refrigerators and outdoor grills.

Vented or Duct Free?

There are two types of ventilation that can be used when designing your kitchen. It is important to consider which type would work best for your kitchen. Jenn Air offers both duct-free ventilation and vented exhausts. The main difference between these two options is where the air is released after it is collected by the exhaust. Vented exhausts offer the complete elimination of exhausts from the kitchen through the use of duct-work which expels all odor and steam outside. Ductless ventilation systems uses are a series of filters to recycle exhausts and recirculate them as clean air.

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