Samsung Washer DC Error Code Solutions

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June 7, 2021
Samsung Repair

Is your Samsung washer displaying a DC error code?

The good news is it’s very easy to fix. The DC code means that your washing machine is unable to spin correctly due to an imbalance in the load.

Here are the main reasons why the DC code appears and how you can fix it.

Balance the Load

The first and most obvious action you can take is to try to rebalance the load. You can do this by redistributing the weight of the contents of the washer so that it will be able to spin around properly.

Here are some tips on how to redistribute your load of laundry:

  • If you have a load of bulky or heavy items, like towels, then try to spread them around the washer drum as evenly as possible.
  • Make sure that none of the items in the washer are tangled around the washer drum, as this can cause the DC code to appear because the drum cannot turn around correctly.
  • If you’re just washing a normal load of clothes, make sure that the washer isn’t overloaded (i.e., your clothes shouldn’t be loaded right to the very top and densely packed in).
  • If you’re only washing a couple of items, then sometimes they can get bunched up and sit in one location in the washer, which makes it not balance properly. The solution to this problem is to add more items, such as a heavy towel, that you can evenly distribute around the washer drum.

Level the Washing Machine

If after redistributing the load in your washing machine you still have a DC error code, the next possible cause to investigate is whether the washing machine is sitting level on the floor. When the washing machine isn’t sitting level on the floor, the washer will not be balanced, and the DC code will appear.

Here’s how to check if your washing machine is level:

  1. Use a leveling tool to check if your washer is sitting on a flat and level surface. You will need to check each different direction of the floor that it sits on.
  2. If you find that the washing machine is not sitting perfectly level on the floor, then you can try to move the washing machine to a new position, or you can adjust the leveling pegs underneath your washing machine.
  3. To adjust the leveling pegs, you need to determine which area of the floor that the washing machine is sitting on is the lowest and then adjust the peg nearest to that area up to help you level out the washing machine.
  4. You can then check if the washer is level. If not, you can adjust some or all of the other pegs until you get the washer level (some might need to be adjusted up and some might need to be adjusted down to achieve this).
  5. Once your washing machine is level, you can test it out to see if the error code is gone. If it still won’t work, you will have to replace the suspension rods.

Replace the Suspension Rods

If your washing machine is still displaying a DC error code, the next possible cause is faulty suspension rods. Samsung washing machines have suspension rods that help to absorb shocks/movements when the washer is operating. Over time they can get worn out or damaged and will need to be replaced.

If you have tried all of the other possible fixes listed above and you still have a DC error code, then you should order a new set of suspension rods from a parts company (make sure you get the correct ones).

You can then replace the rods by following these steps:

  1. Turn the power off to your washing machine.
  2. Remove the control panel (there will be two screws to unthread).
  3. Disconnect the wire harnesses before removing the control panel.
  4. Lift the washing machine lid and secure it safely so it won’t fall.
  5. You can then remove the rods one by one (it has four). To remove the rod, lift it up and out through the upper mount and then set it aside. Repeat to remove the other rods.
  6. Before installing the new rods, spray them with silicone grease.
  7. You can place the new rods into the correct positions in the washing machine.
  8. Once you’ve installed the new rods, you can lower the lid and reattach the wire harnesses to the control panel.
  9. Reattach the control panel and thread the two screws back in.
  10. You should then plug your washing machine back in and test if the code has disappeared.

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