How to Repair an Oven Light that Won’t Turn Off

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August 17, 2020
Oven Repair

Is your oven light not turning off? We can help.

Here in appliance repair, normally we deal with things that won’t turn on. This is because most appliance systems are designed to fail-safe out when there is a problem in the circuit. Your oven, for example, has several sensors and safety mechanisms in the electrical system and if even one of them fails, the oven won’t heat so that your house doesn’t catch on fire.

However, the oven light is a different story. One little lightbulb inside your oven is not a safety hazard and if this light malfunctions, it’s just as likely to default ‘on’ rather than ‘off’. This can happen for a number of reasons that we are about to cover along with the most likely solutions to each cause. Let’s investigate why your oven light won’t turn off. 

Hidden Light Switch Turned On

Solution: Find the Switch & Flip It

Not every oven has the same light switch design. Most ovens have a light switch on the control panel so that you can check on cooking food without releasing heat by opening the door. Some ovens have a door-triggered switch so that the light comes on when the door opens and turns off when the door closes. Some have a hidden switch underneath or even inside the oven, as well.

The hidden switch is one of the leading (and easiest to solve) causes for an oven light staying on. If a pan or rack bumped the secondary switch while moving around food, there’s a good chance that the switch is still on. Check your user’s manual or explore the inside, outside, and underside of the oven to find a flipped-on switch for the light. 

Oven Door Not Closing Properly

Solution: Repair Hinges, Posts, or Oven Racks

If you have an oven light that is supposed to trigger when the door opens, your light might be telling you that the oven door is still officially open. This can be caused by a small collection of problems. The first and easiest to check is obstructions. Check the oven racks and any pans you may have left inside the oven to see if there is anything keeping the oven from closing completely. Then check for burnt food debris near the hinges.

From there, check the hinges themselves. Make sure the oven door is level and seems to be mounted securely. If the hinges are loose, align, and then tighten them. If there is damage, or if the oven door hinge-posts are bent, plan for repair or replacement. 

Electrical Error

Solution: Reset Oven Electrical System

Sometimes, blackouts and power surges can affect appliance behavior. Just as your microwave resets the clock and flashes 00:00 every time the power goes out, you might see other small symptoms in the other household appliances. One such common problem is light bulbs. The oven’s electrical system may have been affected, causing your bulb to never turn off.

The solution is relatively simple if you know-how for your oven model. Look up the reset process to reset the electrical system of your oven. Most ovens with a digital display have this. Find the reset process, often holding two or three buttons for an ascribed number of seconds, and see if your oven light goes back to behaving normally. An electrical reset can solve any minor problems caused by local blackouts and power surges. 

Broken or Faulty Door Switch

Solution: Replace the Door Switch

Another common problem relates to the door switch itself. For ovens with the door switch light, you can break down the possibilities. If the oven is closing properly and the electricals have been reset, there’s a good chance that the switch itself is at fault.

When you determine this, the solution is to remove and replace the oven door switch. Look up the brand and model of the oven that you have for a specific guide on which panels to remove to access the door switch. When you access it, unplug the oven and change the switch out for an identical new switch and transfer the oven’s wire clip to the new wire harness. Then close up and try again with the light. 

Faulty Wiring or Control Board

Solution: Replace Oven Electrical System

The last thing you might be dealing with is a deeper problem with the oven’s electrical system. If the control board or the wiring itself is faulty, this goes beyond the scope that is usually safe to DIY. The wires and control panel are integral to the oven and you will likely want to work with a certified appliance repair technician to replace the electrical system. Also, when your oven’s primary control system is in need of repair, this is a good time to consider the benefits of a new oven instead.

The other thing to note is that if your control panel or internal wiring are to blame, then your oven light is a very lucky first indicator of trouble to come. A faulty or broken electrical system inside your oven must be fixed at once. This may be the first sign of future maintenance issues that will not be so harmless. 

When to Call a Repair Technician

Go through all the previous troubleshooting steps to find out just how deep your oven light problem really is. However, the most important thing is to do this safely. Always unplug the oven before accessing any internal or electrical components. Wear gloves and use the right tools. But even more importantly, call for help when you need it. We know it’s great to fix things on your own but when the problem is profound or you have no training in repairing what you’re looking at, we can help.

Appliance repair technicians are ready to step in whenever you’re ready to step back. Most people have their repair comfort zone, let us fill that space by ensuring your appliances are repaired quickly and safely at whatever point you felt was appropriate to stop your own home DIY efforts for your own safety. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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